Take full advantage of the pristine nature

macadam & road 2.5 - 4 Hours easy-moderate (depending on your choice)

Discover hidden paths of the Konavle region

Tour de Konavle Valley has two optional itineraries, both of which take full advantage of scenic Konavle Valley and differ only in fitness level.   

The first itinerary starts at historic Zvekovica Railway Station and proceeds through the picturesque Konavle Valley. We’ll ride through some fantastic wine yards, famous for the production of old Dubrovnik Malvasia and Merlot wines. Our bike tour then takes us to Pridvorje, an enchanting village amidst river and springs, poplars, plane-trees, and mulberries. Pridvorje is famous for its pilgrimage sanctuary at Franciscan Monastery of St Blaise built in 1429. From Pridvorje our ride takes us to Konavoski dvori restaurant, after which we shall return to our starting point.

If you’re an experienced bicyclist who wants a bit of a challenge, our tour will not end at Konavoski Dvori but will go on, ascending to historic Soko Kula (Falcon Fortress). It is the largest and the most important fortress from the times of the Dubrovnik Republic. This magnificent fortress was built to adapt to the natural rock cliffs upon which it was constructed, for which reason the color of its stone blends in with its surroundings: a perfect place for a photo-stop before going back to our starting point.

For those bicyclists who want an easy/moderate bike tour, we offer an itinerary which starts and ends in Pridvorje and optionally includes a picnic at Pridvorje.


Different starting time can be arranged. We advise starting at 16:30 to get the best experience possible.
Return – depending on your itinerary choice
Departure (depending on your itinerary choice)
Included: guide, refreshment, first aid kit macadam & road 2.5 Hours Max 15 people Min 2 people Children 0-2 yrs free of charge Children 2-12 yrs 50% discount MTB focus Helmet Pick up at your hotel on request Optional picnic in Pridvorje
per person
Children 0-2 yrs
get their bike seats
Children 2-12 yrs
get their own bikes
Picnic in Pridvorje
optional but great
on request


To complete the booking, you have to go through the payment process. 

In case you cancel 30 days before your tour, 80% of the total amount will be refunded. 

In case you cancel up to 7 days before your scheduled tour, 50% of the total amount will be refunded. 

In case you cancel less than 7 days before your tour or in case of no show, there will be no reimbursement. 

In case of bad weather, the decision is up to you. If you feel like biking in the rain, we are ready. If you decide not to go, we will refund the total amount. You can also reschedule. We will contact you about this few days before. If you don’t respond we’ll wait for you at the meeting point as scheduled. 

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